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  1. Payments

    Capturing Payments: When a customer pays for an order with their credit card, you must capture the payment, following the instructions detailed in the Billing Details tab .  Once you are in Billing Details, you’ll find the transact...
  2. Finding Your API Login

    Note: This is only necessary for users currently using Authorize.net as their payment gateway . The API Login and Transaction Key are crucial pieces of data used to connect your SimplePart website to your chosen payment gateway. In order for y...
  3. Your Guide to: Managing Your Online Parts Counter

  4. Your Guide to: Shipping Supplies

  5. PayPal

    When it comes to ease of use and security, PayPal is a favorite among both businesses and consumers. On your SimplePart site, you have the ability to integrate either PayPal Payflow Pro or PayPal Express as valid payment options.  If you do no...
  6. Setting up Gmail Account

    Correspondence is an important part of e-commerce, which makes it even more important to have a backup Gmail email address. Once you create a Gmail Account, we can link it to your client file, and/or any Google Adwords and Bing AdCenter Accounts we ...
  7. Your Guide to: Shipping Best Practices

  8. Enhance Site Performance with SimplePart’s Promotional Tools

    Sales promotions can make a measurable difference on volume and profits for your dealership. According to Inc, 80% of buyers stated they felt encouraged to make a first time purchase with a new brand (or site) if they found an offer or discount. Whe...
  9. Reading Control Panel Reports

  10.  EP. 7 – Process Your Orders

    In this video, we'll review how the the Recent Orders screen makes it easy to understand, fulfill and ship customer orders that are placed on your website.